The original power supply although quite reliable, it does generate huge amounts of heat and in some cases can warp the laser (especially on the first generation models) and also in extreme cases, can warp the console housing / shell.

Our new power supply was designed so it uses less power, runs much cooler and safer compared to mains voltage.

The new power supply is a simple DIY installation that takes 10 minutes and is compatible with ALL fat models.

It is also compatible with all the newly designed mods such as the PS1Digital, xStation, MODE, PSIO and MemCard Pro.

You also need to purchase a 12v 3a DC adapter, center positive, 5.5x2.5mm barrel size which can be purchased on eBay or Amazon.

Please take care when replacing as the original unit runs on mains supply.


* Optional Console Fan Pin Header (30x30x10mm - 5V - 3 Pin - 800mA MAX)
Particularly with a MODE with HDD installed, it get's quite warm inside the console, so we offer a version with a Fan & Mount to ensure good air circulation within the console to keep it cool.

* Correct Reset Logic Needed For Proper Operation

To ensure the console is in correct operation, special reset logic was present on the Original PSU so it was also needed on the PS1PicoPSU. This will ensure correct operation of the console.

* Optional Solder Pad For Console Reset

Ideal for use when installing our PS1 In-Game-Reset IGR Mod Board.

* Fused Auto-Resetting Input Protection

If something shorts out within the Console / Power Brick / PicoPSU, the fuse will blow to stop more damage from happening.

* Reverse Polarity Protection

If you accidently use the wrong external power brick, it won't damage the PicoPSU or Console.

* High Grade Polymer Capacitors

We have spent a great deal of money by using high grade KEMET polymer capacitors to ensure the lowest output ripple, highest reliability and highest possible capacitor life.

* Fits ALL Models

The PS1PicoPSU has both 5 pin and 7 pin connectors to suite all models of the Original Fat PS1 Console.


The PS1PicoPSU can provide up-to 3a per voltage rail meaning there's plenty of power for the system and plenty of mods.

Power Brick Recommendations

UK Location:


USA Location:


If you use a non-branded / cheap power supply, you may notice interferrance, noise on the screen and console booting issues.

Aliexpress Counterfeit Warning!

It has come to our attention that some sellers on AliExpress have been counterfeiting our PS1 PicoPSU.

These clones / counterfeits are completely not up to standard, use fake parts and could damage your console.

We only use the highest quality parts sourced from reputable sources such as Digikey, Mouser, RS etc...

Upon close inspection to the clones, we have found several flaws listed below.

* Fake Voltage Regulators
* Wrong Capacitor Values / Cheap Unbranded Capacitors.
* Incorrect Inductor Coil Values
* Incorrect Console Reset Logic
* Slightly Wrong Output Voltage

All of these flaws can lead to a damaged console very very quickly. The only legitimate seller of these is this website.

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Sony Playstation 1 PS1 Replacement PSU - PicoPSU V10 Gold

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