• Sony Playstation 1 PS1 FrankenLaser Kit

If your'e planning on making customs shells/housings for console, the new FrankenLaser is ideal for you.
It will not fit inside the normal regular shell, well at-least not without heavy modification.

It works and performs like a brand new 'stock' laser mechanism with great FMV playback

There is a small potentiometer on the laser and depending on your current setup, this may need tweaking a little bit to get full performance. This can be done with a small screwdriver giving it 1/8th of a turn in either direction until desired.

Installation Instructions

1. The Full Kit Which You Will Receive

2. Connect the two ribbon cables as shown by releasing the brown tabs.

3. Connect the larger connector to the new drive and connect the smaller one to the PS1 motherboard.

4. Connect the shorter ribbon to the PS1 motherboard and the longer one to the drive laser.

5. Troubleshooting:
If the laser isn't moving or the drive isn't spinning, check all ribbon cables are correctly seated, and re-insert.

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Sony Playstation 1 PS1 FrankenLaser Kit

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