• PS2 Modchip ModEasy Flex (GH-004 to GH-007)

The PS2 Modchip ModEasy Flex has been designed to make installing modchips easier.

With these models, you need to solder some wires directly to the MechaCon chip which can be extremely tricky as the legs are very very small.

This flex breaks out the neccessary points to larger solder pads for easier installation.

Most modchips only use IGHBA points, but some obscure modchips may use the others.

This flex is suitable for motherboard revisions GH-004 to GH-007.

Installation Instructions

1. Sisassemble your console down to the bare motherboard.

2. Locate the chip "CXD/P102064" chip, this is known as the Mechanics Controller (MechaCon).

3. Remove 1 x Capacitor & 1 x Resistor shown in the RED box above.

4. Align the Right Most solder pad on the Flex with the Right Most pin on the MechaCon chip shown in PURPLE.

5. Using plenty of flux and good quality solder, drag solder the flex to the pins on the MechaCon chip.

6. Installation is very similar to DCHDMI, PS1Digital, N64Digital flex cables.

7. Check for bridges between pins before continuing.

8. Solder a small piece of wire from the RA PAD on the flex to ANY of the points shown in YELLOW above.

9. Continue modding the console like usual and fully test before re-assembling.

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PS2 Modchip ModEasy Flex (GH-004 to GH-007)

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