• Virtual Boy VBRibbonFixer Kit (Pair)

Our newly developed Replacement Virtual Boy ribbons will solve the biggest flaw that the Virtual Boy suffers with.

These have gone through multiple tests and prototypes over the past 12 months to make sure that these are the best ones in the market.

Each kit comes with 2 new ribbons for both sides.


Our ribbons have the following features:

  1. Dual sided thick traces which gives the new ribbon a greater overal strengh and durability.
  2. Precisely made to 0.1mm tolerance of the original ribbons.
  3. Three anchor points per solder pad which makes an optimal connection between the ribbon cable and the eye lens.

Installation Instructions

1. Remove the original ribbon cable from the eye lens.

2. Clean up the solder pads on the eye lens using plenty of flux.

3. Remove excess solder from the eye lens solder pads using desoldering braid.

4. Align the new ribbon to the solder pads on the eye lens, use plenty of flux and small amount of solder to drag solder the ribbon pads to the eye lens.

5. Make sure to cover the whole solder pads on the new ribbon, this will make use of the additional anchor points to make it 100% secure to the eye lens.

6. Clean excess flux, check for bridges and then use a multimeter to check for adjacent shorts.

7. Finished installation & re-assembly.

8. Test before full re-assembly, Done.

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Virtual Boy VBRibbonFixer Kit (Pair)

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