• Nintendo Entertainment System NES - NESRibbonFixer Kit


This is a drop in replacement kit for the 72 Pin Cartridge Slot on a Front Loader NES.

Don't buy those cheap replacement 72 pin connectors that grip the cartridge to death and can potentially cause damage.

Our kit has the optional feature of AVRCIC which you can buy seperately and solder in yourself.

We also use the aid of springs to make ejecting the cartridge easy just by giving it a little wiggle.

You can still close the Cartridge Door when a cartridge is inserted where as other's you can't.

Please Note: Colours may vary!


This is based on the open-source NES SlotMaster:

Installation Instructions

1. Remove the 6 screws holding down the original Cartridge Slot Mechanism.
2. Remove the 2 screws holding down the RF Box.

3. Remove the Original Cartridge Slot Mechanism and the 72 Pin Connector from the motherboard by lifting it upwards slightly.

4. Slide the included EDGE Connector PCB over the contacts on the NES Motherboard.

5. Insert the 2 included FPC Cables with the BLUE tab facing towards you into the New Cartridge Slot Mechanism.

6. Using 4 of the screws removed screws, screw the New Cartridge Slot Mechanism through the motherboard to the bottom shell.
7. Using 2 of the previously removed screws, screw back the RF BOX to the bottom shell.
8. Insert the other end of the 2 FPC cables into the connectors as shown with the BLUE tab facing towards you.

9. Test before full re-assembly.

10. OPTIONAL: If you wish to use AVRCIC for Region Free capability, remove the 4 x jumpers and solder the AVRCIC chip into the pads.

11. Enjoy!

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Nintendo Entertainment System NES - NESRibbonFixer Kit

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