• Sony Playstation 1 PS1 PSOne Slim In-Game-Reset IGR Mod Board

With this simple mod, you can reset your console with your controller using a button combination.

This version is compatible with all "Slim" models.

This is the perfect solution for PSIO as these don't have an In Game Reset feature.

You can use this with or without any drive emulators to still bring an awesome feature to the console.

Pressing L2 + R2 + SELECT + START gives a short reset pulse.

Pressing L2 + R2 + SELECT + CROSS gives a long reset pulse.

Lightgun: A + B + TRIGGER
gives a short reset pulse.

Installation Instructions

1. Place the In-Game-Reset board over the controller port pins and solder it in place, You may need to remove a small brown cover from the back of the controller port, just peel it off.

2. Once done, solder a wire from the RESET point on the In-Game-Reset board to the Reset point on your motherboard, different motherboards have different Reset location points, see below using your motherboard version number as a guide.

The motherboard version number is usually found in the top right corner.
It should look something like: 1-679-335-XX(Being Your Model Number)


21, 31

41, 51


71, 82

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Sony Playstation 1 PS1 PSOne Slim In-Game-Reset IGR Mod Board

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